Chapter Seven: Summertime!?? No way!
There is no such thing as a Summertime in space!
Get real, there are no seasons in Space! (At least not as far as we know)
And our lonely space-cowboy George is not on holidays.
He is there to save humanity and as such has other things to do than worry about going swimming or not.
His AIU Unit thinks he is getting paranoid and he has to prove he isn’t, that takes time ;-)
At least the crew now seemed to have found out who manipulated the biomonitoring system and are taking counter measures.
Will they work? Will they find out what is happening on board of the Sirius? Again the numerous questions are irritating.
We are sure George and his AIU will solve the mystery sooner than later. More to come, but not much more anymore….
The climax is in front of us and upcoming so stay tuned, even when on the beach!
Once more, thank you all for staying with me!
Also please again: spread the word and pass on the URL, please, so we can touch 5’000 Visitors soon…
sincerely yours and see you soon again,



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