Annoying, if one (George) is to be awakened 1000 years to early out of an artificial slow-wave sleep phase. Especially, if there is no way backhe wouldn’t survive the risky procedures to get out of such phase, which is similar to a fatal artificial hibernation, a second time...
And something definitely doesn’t add up on board of the Sirius and went terribly wrong. The «first crew’s» mission was, to escort the ship over a three year period of time to the extreme edges of the solar system, then to return back to Earth using the «Eagle», however… they never left the ship! But the ship’s sensors do not show any signs of life! Requests directed to the central IT unit fail, because the neural Core Unit is in regenerative conservation status.

During his «ASRP» Awakening Status Recovery Process, George is carefully reanimated, switching between awake and asleep sequence and dreaming the nightmares and dreamscapes of the neural Core Unit. A dreadful event must have happened on board of the ship.

And the only friend George
has, is «AIU», the Artificial
Intelligent Unit, a robotic
booted by an
emergency system
and following recursive
awakening procedures
to monitor George’s

But who initiated the sequences of George’s ASRP?

And can this Crawler be trusted??